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Explore Pakistan | Cities | Muzaffargarh  مظفر گڑھ
  Ethnic Groups | Language | History

Jhang Mor MuzaffargarhMuzaffargarh is a district in the south of the Punjab province of Pakistan.It is part of Seraiki Wasaib. It is spread over an area of 8,435 km˛. It forms a strip between the river Chenab on its east and Indus river on its West. It is one of oldest districts of Punjab. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, the population of the district was 2,635,903 of which 12.75% were urban.



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Ethnic Groups

The district is home to three ethnic communities, the Seraiki, Punjabi and Urdu speakers.

The Seraiki population is in overwhelming majority where as Punjabis and Mohajirs are a microscopic minority . Local Seraikies belong to following tribes, the Baluch, Pathan, jam ,JATT Gasoors's Sayyid and Qureshi. The main Jat tribes in the district are the Khakhi, Pattal, Khundwaa, Khar, Lohanch, Chhajra, Hanjra,and Kalro, while the main Baluch clans are the Qalandrani, Leghari, Pitafi, Gormani, Surani Balouch, Almani Baloch,Chandia, Syed,Sial, Naulatia, Dasti, Jatoi (tribe) etc. There also other tribes and clans that have settled since the independence of Pakistan, they include: Mughal, Khanzada, Muslim Gaddi, Ranghar, Jat,Mahar(Jangla), Arain, Muhajir, Mirani, and Awan.Bukhari,s are also famous in muzaffargarh and the leader of Bukhari group is Peer Abdullah Shah Bukhari. In Muzafar garh also live Sardar Amjad hameed khan Dasti that is well known personality of this city and he elected continuously seven times members of the parliament Punjab assembly and now his daughter Tehmina khan dasti performing of his mission and their mission is serving of poor peoples of Pakistan.

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  • Saraiki

  • Urdu

  • Punjabi

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Muzaffargarh District takes its name the chief town- Muzaffargarh. Muzaffargarh literally means "Fort of Muzaffar", and is so called because the old town lies inside the walls of a fort built by Nawab Muzaffar Khan of Multan. Prior to that the place was known by a shop called "Musan Hatti", on the road leading from Multan to Dera Ghazi Khan. The district was originally called Khangarh, with the headquarters at Khangarh. In 1859 the headquarters were moved to Muzaffargarh. The area of the district is 6052 square miles(according to revenue record 1928 it is 5561 square miles. The population according to the census of 1921, is 568,478.


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