General Medical Procedure for OPD/Indoor Specialist havens a degree of FRCS FCPS MRCP or equivalent

First Visit 300

Dextrose transfusion 100

Subsequent visit 250

Blood transfusion 300


Lumber puncture 400

Specialist having diploma specialization

ECG 150

First visit 250

Cut down of iv canula by surgeon 240

Subsequent visit 200

Simple canula (including canula) 100


Exchange transfusion 1200

Medical officer (outdoor)

Circumcision (local anathesia) 700 lump

Per Day 50

Circumcision (general anathesia) 1000

Medical officer (outdoors)

Endioscopy 1500

Per visit 50

Ultrasonography 300


X-Ray (per files) 150

Room charges (per day)

Ivp barium meal chdicystography 100

VIP Room (Air conditioned) 1200

(film plus the cost of the material)

Private Room 700

Histsal pinography (per day) 100

Semi private Room 500

(file plus of the cost of radio material)

General Ward 400

Opaquematerialplus Gynecologist

Daily Medical attendance / Nursing


Care Charges (per day)

Operation Charges

VIP Room air conditioned 100

Major Operation 7000-10000

Semi private Room 50

Moderate operation 4000-7000


Minor operation 2000-4000

Heating / cooling charges

Other Minor procedures 700-2000

Private room 100


Semi private Room 50


General ward 300


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