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By Zahid Ikram

Go Green Pakistan


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  • Grow Fruits Trees at Road, River Banks and Canal Sides, School Grounds and Public Parks. It will help to improve food nutrition of poor & needy

  • More Organic Food shall be Grown & Produced  for Increase in our Exports and domestic use. This will increase our Exports and Public Health level and defense against many disease.

  • Every Home must grow some Fresh Salad Items. Fruits & Vegetables to overcome their domestic requirements.

  • Government shall introduce Easy Agricultural Loans & Free Insurance Policies for Small & Medium Farmers.

  • Combine small units of Agricultural Land to large farm houses in order to increase cultivated land that was being wasted in small unit boundaries.

  • Government must Create More Fertile and Cultivated Land by Providing Solar Energy Powered or Windmill Powered Tube Wells where there is no Canal Irrigation System and Electricity.

  • Go Green Pakistan... We Need Billions of Trees. Every Pakistani must Grow & Contribute at least 5 Trees at Government Suggested Land.. All formers and Agriculture Landlord shall be bound to grow at lest 50 Trees around each Agriculture Plot.

  • Government Shall Cultivate Olive, Dates, Palm, Coconut, Papaya and other Fruits Trees on all Beaches of Pakistan.

  • Green Technologies for nature conservation shall be adopted in all Industries. The use of Renewable Energy e.g. Solar & Wind Energies and Biofuel shall be promoted.

  • Run 3R Awareness Campaign for Reuse, Reduce & Recycle Concepts. Use of 3 Bins for Paper, Plastic and Glass Wastage Recycling.

  • Promote Ecotourism: Tourism Directed Toward Exotic, Natural Environments, Especially to Support Conservation Efforts to Save and Observe Wildlife.

  • More Hybrid Cars shall be used to Save Energy and Less Smoke.

  • Use of Modern Agricultural Equipment & Drone Spray Technology Shall be Promoted.

  • Stockings of Agricultural items should be strictly prohibted.  

  • Household Responsibility System (HRS) like China.
    The Household Responsibility System is an Agriculture Production System, which allowed households to contract land, machinery and other facilities from Government. The aim is to preserve basic unified management of the collective economy, while contracting out land and other goods to households. Households could make operating decisions independently within the limits set by the contract agreement, and could freely Export of surplus production over and above national and collective quotas.

  • Made Farmers Independent Operators. laying a Micro Foundation for the Market Economic System e.g. Determine that... What To Produce? How to Produce? and. Whom to Produce. Farmers allowed to sell commodities directly in the market and do not allow unnecessary commission agents to raise prices.

  • Promote The Development of Agricultural Commercialization, Economic Development and Nutrition.

  • Promote and Support Small Scale Livestock Farming.

  • Government May Buy Crops /Harvests directly from Small Farmers to Export them.

  • Prices Shall Regulate by Government for each Crop in Three Quality Grades e.g.
    1-Export Quality.
    2-Good Quality,
    3-Normal Quality.
    All Below Quality Food Shall Not Allowed to Sell in Market.

  • Government  Shall Provide Roads Network & Transportation Facilities from Fields/ Agricultural Land to Markets.

  • Urban Plantation Schemes shall introduce with the help of Students.

  • Government shall fix the rates of Sugarcane before its cultivation and shall not get exploited by Sugar Mils.

  • Beside the Educational Plus Recreational trips student groups may participate in a Towns and Parks cleaning programs.

  • We have to adopt new techniques for the Alternative Usage of Animal Wastes as a food supplement to other Animals and production of  Manure and Fertilizers, Biogas generation, Traditional medicine and remedies, Paper Products etc.

  • We have to utilize the waste of Fruits and vegetables to feed the aged unwanted domestic cattle to get Animal’s waste within 8 Hours to produce methane gas used as a fuel and further waste shall feed to earth worms to reproduce Vermicast within 72 Hours. This is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by earthworms. This is also known as Black Gold, which is the best Oorganic Fertilizers for agriculture growth in the World. This is the cheapest and easiest way of waste Management and energy production without spending any power/ fuel energy.

  • The lowest form of fruits and vegetable waste which is not usable as a feed for cattle, shall be kept to produce Mangouste which is the best Homemade Organic Poultry feed, The Hens love to eat these insects and worm and produce lots of eggs as a food for human.

  • Feed the Fish waste to Ducks, which is the most favorite and energetic food for them to produce more than double eggs and high growth rate.

  • Improve the Quality and Efficiency of Agricultural Production.
    Conduct Strategic Adjustment in agriculture. Measures of the Adjustment are:

    • Firstly, to implement “Seed Projects” to optimize the mix of crops, animal by-products and aquatic products;

    • Secondly, to develop Agricultural Products Processing Industry and increase Value-Added of agricultural products;

    • Thirdly, to adjust the production pattern among regions and bring the regional comparative advantage into full play;

    • Fourthly, to accelerate the migration of rural surplus labor force to the secondary and the tertiary sectors by developing township enterprises and towns. It can be foreseen that, with the implementation of the strategic adjustment of agricultural structure, Pakistan’s Agricultural development will enter a new stage.

Let's Rebuild & Excel Pakistan

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