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Environment & Health Reforms

By Zahid Ikram

As this is a well-known saying that a health body keeps a health mind. A healthy body depend on healthy, green and clean environments and Pure Drinking Water and Food. Unfortunately, almost half of Pakistan’s population living hand to mouth, our children are facing malnutrition causing poor growth of their body & brain.

Jews have planed to bring the One World Order soon, to achieve that they have planed to take the world to the verge of it's destruction by the technologies such as HAARP Technology for Earthquake, Tsunami & Weather Control, The Project Blue Beam Brain, Transmitters, Nano Technologies, Deep Web and Dark Web, Crypto currency e,g Bit coin to Pkr, Star Chip' Nano probe,  Life Threatening Diseases, Human Cloning, Genetic Engineering & Trans Human Project, Fake UFOs & Aliens Attack, Heaven and Hell on Earth by 7-D Hologram Technology & Virtual Reality, Give Life to Dead ones  Worldwide Web, Commerce & Digital Currency Control  etc.

Islam emphasize on neat and clean environment a lot. Islam teaches us that cleanness is half of your faith, we all have to work for neat and clean Pakistan for Healthy Environment.

  • Go for Green Life concepts. Run 3R Awareness Campaign for Reuse, Reduce & Recycle Concepts. Use of 3 Bins for Paper, Plastic and Glass Wastage Recycling. We have to grow 2 billion trees with the help of students. We have to introduce urban forestry like Islamabad.

  • In order to Recycle the plastic and tin all the Beverages Factories shall install a vender machines to collect back the empty plastic drinks bottles and tins with the cash soft drinks rewards.

  • Green Life shall be promoted, Every Pakistani must grow 10 trees every year at government specific land,
    if 200 million people grow 2000 Million Trees, we can really stop global warming effects in our homeland. Trees can be grow by students, every year have to grow one tree with each class to pass.

  • Like Switzerland we have to provide small farmhouses like 5-10 Marla Plots to poor families where they can grow their household vegetables and grow some chicken and goats.

  • We have to control and eliminate Aids Virus in youth, usage of Broiler Chicken, usage of drugs in educational institutes, control our media for spreading non Islamic culture etc. We have to promote sports and organic food.

  • We need to build more dams from medium to large size as soon as possible to overcome our near Future requirements and to counter India's Unfair Water Policy and possession.

  • Sports play a vital role for a Healthy Community, build more sports complexes, Walking Tracks, Parks, Bicycle Tracks, Trekking Areas, Mountaineering Tracks, Swimming Pools etc.

  • We do not need more Hospitals and Doctors if can provide a Healthy Environment and Pure Drinking Water and Diet, Pure Organic (Desi) Food, Neat & Clean Green Environments and Healthy Living Style.

  • We have to follow Nature. If we observe animals and birds, they live a healthy life though they do not go to hospitals or doctors. Always use fresh water (not a mineral water), use only natural salt do not use iodized salt. use always mud crockery (matti ki handi), don't use silver crockery, use only Gurr or Brown Sugar (Shaker) do not use factory made sugar, use fresh and  raw vegetable like carrot, white carrot (moli), chakunder, onion, tomatoes, lime water, use Organic Garlic, Ginger, Honey, Podinah, Anar dana, Kalwanjhi, Methidana, Darchini  etc., and eat fresh fruits, use only Oil of Sersoon or olive (Zatoon), do not use Ghee, and use turmeric powder (haldi). By following these steps we can be safe from many disease.

  • All construction area shall have boundary walls and secure walking passageways. All vehicles on exit must wash all the wheels before entering to the roads, and all vehicles bringing the construction materials must be covered on the way with the heavy piece of cloth (Tarpal).

  • Our TV Channel must have Morning Exercise shows that shall be share on Big Screens (sponsored by advertisers) in our Parks for Youth & Old Age Persons

  • Create the awareness for the source food items to generate vitamin B-17 to avoid or fight cancer such as:
    Raw nuts: Such as bitter almonds, raw almonds and macadamia nuts.
    Vegetables: Carrots, celery, bean sprouts, mung beans, lima beans and butter beans.
    Seeds: Millet, flaxseeds and buckwheat. Pits of: Apples, plums, apricots, cherries and pears.

  • Early age marriages shall be restricted specially for underage girls, there shall be training course for a bride and groom to learn Islamic and our cultural values as a married Peron and Health related issues of a Mother and a baby. There shall be a compulsory medical test of Bride and Groom before marriages to avoid any serious complications after marriage to next generation.  

  • We have to take a good care of our Next Generation Future right from the beginning by providing a Healthy Diet and Environment to a Mom and New Born Babies, Our State shall be responsible for all poor families for their Health, Child ‘s birth, Food, Upbringing, Education etc.

  • Urban Plantation Schemes shall introduce with the help of Students.

  • Beside the Educational Plus Recreational trips student groups may participate in a Towns and Parks cleaning programs.

  • Specially have a Quality Control all Private Hospitals and Clinics and Labs and the Fees they are making.

  • Health Insurance for all whose earning is less than Rs. 30,000 Per Month.

  • Government shall ban on Doctors for part time serving in a private clinics having Government Job.

  • There shall be heavy fines on littering and smoking in public areas.

  • All Politicians and Bureaucracy shall not be granted for foreign country visits for any medical treatment, this will enhance our own medical facilities

  • Use of Alcohol, drugs and tobacco, Naswaar, Berri, Gutka and all other drunk items shall be strictly prohibited.

  • Household Items Packing in Plastic Bags and Newspaper Bags shall be banned Since it causes Cancers and Beadabi, insted clothes bags introduce.

  • Use of Micro Wave Oven shall be discouraged for unhealthy diet Use of Colas, Soda, Diet Drinks, Artificial Flavored Juices and Junk Food Shall, fast food be ban and Discouraged for Healthy living.

  • For the packing of food items use of News Papers Bags shall be replaced with Packing Paper for better hygienic Standards and to Respect some Sacred Names and Ayaat-e-Quran.

  • There shall be footpaths on all street and road side to avoid dust, mud and pollution and underground water sewerage.

  • In all market areas there shall be floor tiles in front of shops, there shall be no mud or soil left, and there shall be bins all around.

  • There shall be public toilets around the country specially at tourist places and markets. 
  • We have to promote less usage of Cooking Oil & Ghee for a Health Living as well saving on huge Import Bills.

  • We have to teach our Young Generation the Controlled Usage of Smart Phones and Equipment’s it will boost our environment and health.

  • Government shall introduce a Patrol, Diesel and CNG saving policies in order to save our Environment as well our huge Import Bills e.g. daily usage of even / odd vehicle numbers or Weekly Quota System for Energy consumption.
  • Ensure the availability of Pure Drinking Water and Food as well Fresh Environment for public.

  • 1.5 Litter of Fresh and Cold drinking Water Bottle Price shall not exceed more than Rs 10 with Tax, If water is being sold at high price i.e. Rs 50-90 Per 1.5 Litter Bottle, why the corporate world will allow Drinking Fresh & Clean Water Projects in our Country?

  • We shall promote Green Public Transport. European emission standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold in the European Union and EEA member states. The emission standards are defined in a series of European Union directives staging the progressive introduction of increasingly stringent standards. We have to import Euro 5 Patrol or our maximum vehicles shall be operate by hybrid/ electric. This will save our Environment. Our local oil refineries must be upgraded in order to refine the less polluted fuel.
  • Most of the Steel Ferns and Bricks Factories (Bhatthay) are the main source of pollution, they produce  the most danger pm 2.5 all Steel Ferns must use Scrubber and the Bricks Factories must use the zigzag brick kiln Technology.
    There shall be ban on burning rubber in the bricks Factories, this will  preserve our environment.

  • We have to control the burning of Crops after Harvest, we may use the modern machinery to solve this, we may reuse the waste and save it from burning. It will save our Environment.

  • In order to improve our Environments National Highways Authority, Pakistan Railways and Water and Irrigation Department  must grow trees around Highways, Railway Tracks and Canals and Riverbanks.

  • Stop usage of Tobacco And Cigarettes
    Nicotine acts in the brain by stimulating the adrenal glands to release the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) and by increasing levels of the chemical messenger dopamine. Tobacco smoking can lead to lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. Government have to close the manufacturing and sales of Cigarettes, import of Cigarettes shall be Forbidden by law and just allow to export the Tobacco.

  • We have to promote less usage of Cooking Oil & Ghee for a Health Living as well saving on huge Import Bills.

  • We have to teach our Young Generation the Controlled Usage of Smart Phones and Equipment’s it will boost our environment and health.

  • Solid Waste Management
    We shall adopt a Solid Waste Management like Singapore as they disposes off their garbage in the most fascinating way. In an actual 'island' which is the world's first ecological offshore landfill. This landfill is specially designed by engineers and environmentalists from Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA). Singapore generate electricity with the
    Solid waste management system find more in

  • Villagers are too often migrate to the cities. Provide the best awareness and media campaigns to educate the villagers the lifestyle in the village is ideal for healthy living. Provide the maximum facilities at their door steps.

  • Since Islam teaches us that Allah is the Best Provider of the Food. All souls coming to this world has opportunity to produce his/her food and other resources. China is a fast growing county with the power of its huge population.
    As an Islamic Estate Pakistan should oppose the International Campaign of Population Control by Family Planning. We shall support a large family by extra funds and resources for their positive growth, health and education. This will result in a Skilled manpower generation for the world, which will earn lots of Foreign Exchange for our our Country.


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Invitation By نمائش مسجد نبوی

By the Grace Almighty Allah, on 15th April 2017, I was invited in Saudi Arab as Guest Honor by “The Holy Quran Exhibition” and “Asma-ul-Husna Exhibition”, both Exhibitions are located at Masjid-e-Nabwi (PBUH) Madinah Munawrah. The ficial Urdu Facebook Page  نمائش مسجد نبوی  Published about my Visit and my introduction at https://web.facebook.com/Exhurdu/posts/1188045777985359?pnref=story

روضہِ رسولَ پاک ﷺ کی حاضری کے دوران میں نے پاکستان کے لئے نمائش قرآنِ مجید -  تحقیق و ترقی کا منصوبہ کا پلان تشکیل دیا ہے جہاں ایک عام آدمی ‘قرآن کے پیغام‘ کو سمجھنے کے لئیے داخل ہو گا۔ جہاں وہ تمام مضامین جن پراللہ نے انسان کو دعوتِ غوروفکر دی ہے وہ سب جدید سا ئنس اور قرآن پاک کی روشنی میں واضح کیے جائیں گے، خصوصی طور پر ہمیں دکھائی دینے والی کائنات میں اور خود نفسِ انسانی کے اندر پائے جانے والی اللہ کی تما م نشانیاں۔ یہ یقینی طور پرایک منفرد اور منطقی سوال وجواب کی نمائش ہو گی جو کہ انسان نے کبھی نہ دیکھی ہو اورجو زندگی بدلنے اور خیالات کوابھارنے میں مددگار ہو گی جو کہ تھری ڈی ماڈلنگ ،سیون ڈی ہولوگرام ٹیکنالوجی، آڈیو ویڈیو ملٹی میڈیا، تصاویر اور گرافکس، ٹچ سکرینز، انگریزی ارد و اور دوسری مختلف بین الاقوامی او ر علاقائی زبانوں میں وضاحت ، کیو آر لوگو سکین سمارٹ فونز پہ نمائش کی معلومات کو کھولنے اور شیئر کرنے کے لیئے۔ یہ نمائش اسلام کی روح کے عین مطابق اپنے حدف کو حاصل کرے گی جس کی تعلیمات سے تمام مسلمان اور غیر مسلمان اور ہمارے مستقبل میں آنے والی نسلیں سبھی فائدہ اٹھائیں گے ۔ انشا اللہ


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