Let's Rebuild & Excel Pakistan
By Zahid Ikram

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Discipline Training Programs


Discipline Training Programs

o   Do you leave things half done?

o   Do you Postpone Things and let laziness win?

o   Do you make promises but fail to keep them?

o   Do you lack inner strength and the ability to stick to your decisions?

  • Discipline is a key to success in every walk of life, Teach in TV Programs by examples from Advance/ Civilized Societies and from Nature E.g. Insects, Birds. Animals and Planets & Stars.

  • You cannot achieve anything meaningful in life, unless you have Persistence, Perseverance, and the Ability to Stick to your goals until you achieve them.

  • Willpower and self-discipline are skills that are most useful when carrying out decisions and tasks, taking action, working on a goal, and when dealing with people, the daily affairs of life, and with every situation you encounter.

  • This program shall be focused on Strengthening Your Willpower and Self Discipline.
    You will learn to practice simple, powerful exercises, which would strengthen your willpower, self-discipline, self-control, and other related skills.

  • You will increase your inner strength and efficiency in your everyday life, at home and at work, and when carrying out tasks and achieving goals.

Practices the Following Exercises

  • Stick to your plans and decisions, and carry them out in spite of inconvenience, inner resistance, and the tendency to procrastinate or give up

  • Overcome laziness and procrastination

  • Strengthen your self-control, decisiveness and determination

  • Learn to carry out tasks that you don't like to do, but are essential for your success

  • Continue with determination  every task or project you start, without giving up, such as exercising your body, losing weight, learning new skills, studying, making progress in your job and in your business, or making improvements in your life

  • Develop patience and perseverance

  • Get rid of negative thoughts & habits

  • Learn to forgo immediate gratification/satisfaction, so you can achieve greater and more satisfying goals in the long run

Nationwide Discipline

  • Our Media, all Leadership and Teaching Staff shall play a leading role teachig us a Social Behaviour and in Re-building us as a Nation.

  • We have to boycott all imported items and promote Made in Pakistan Items.

  • Our Leader must start the Campaign about the Stop Using of  imported Vehicles, Mobile Phones, Dresses, Canned Food and Drinks etc.

  • As a Progressing Nation and Muslims we shall learn to adopt very Economical lifestyle, Simple and Healthy Living, Organic Food, Avoid all Junk Food and Beverages and Luxurious Livings.

  • Zebra Crossings shall have made effective for all pedestrians. In all civilized societies all traffic except ambulances must stop for pedestrians. There shall be fines on illegal road crossing as well not stopping a vehicle for pedestrians using zebra crossing.

  • All our youth have to participate in our National Service Program

  •  We have to promote to Stop wastage of food in weddings dinner or other parties etc.

    Like Switzerland all the Senior Citizen of Pakistan must be given pension against some work towards some Social Services like Cleaners Supervisor for the Local Community, Data Collector, Watchman,  Teacher, Teach Kids how to eat and play etc. It will help them to be active and responsible citizen.

  • Set the following rules for all government office across the country to have discipline at work:

    • PM should set example for all Ministers and Parliamentarians to bound them to attend their offices and all sessions of the Parliament.

    • There shall be no cell phone, Internet, TV, Radio or Print Media Allowed during Office Hours, except in Canteen during Lunch/ Tea Break.

    • Smoking shall be strictly prohibited..

    • No personal Friend or Relatives Visit shall allow.

    • There shall be Bio-Metric Attendance Systems and CCTV Cameras Recordings.

    • FBR, SECP, Courts and Police shall be reformed as Modern Countries State Department work and coordinate with each other.

    • We must develop / setup a Discipline Development Authority to have check and Balance on all Government departments and to eliminate all corruption loopholes and Overspendings.

    • Like KSA, Malaysia, and other Islamic Countries there shall be arrangements of offering Prayer in all Schools and Offices.

    • Our Educational Institute and Government shall have arrange special training courses for upbringing our moral values, ethics, Social Behavior, human rights and  our responsibilities towards society.  

Let's Rebuild & Excel Pakistan

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