Scientific ideas! By Zahid Ikram
How can our Past be seen? 
Looking into Past!

Let’s take a snapshot of sun;

Note the average distance to the sun is 92,900,000 miles (149,476,000 kilometers). Through the year the distance varies, it is farthest in January and closest in early July, 91,400,000 and 94,400,000 miles, respectively. The differing distance through the year does make a small annual variation in the amount of heat the earth receives.

If the distance from the sun is 93,000,000 miles from earth, and the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second (299,972.458KM/S). How long light will takes to reach your camera on earth. It takes 8 min and 20 seconds

Have you captured its present moment?  The answer is NO!

Light travel in 499.3 sec = 8 minutes 19.3 sec from Sun to Earth and to reach your camera shutter; it means that your camera has just captured a moment at sun which has been passed about 8 minutes 20 seconds in past.

Now, if a very powerful telescope e.g. Hubble Space Telescope or a future build even with more powerful lenses, which can observe a star that is one light year (The distance travel by light in the period of one year) away, you would be observing its one year past.  Likewise the more distend object is focused in your observatory, the deeper in the past you are looking into…

I am not talking here about time traveling but past capturing. Assume that a robotic spaceship which has reached in a deep space 1000 light years away from planet earth, and it is focusing on planet earth by it's ultra powerful telescope, it would be observing the past of 1000 years of our earth not the present moment. Eventually the more distend sky it goes to observe the earth, the deeper in the past it can see.  So hypothetically our past can be seen. 

Well, even in this modern age we are unable to travel the distance of 1000 light years, even if we manage to travel at the speed of light. We may have been died well before we reach that distance by ageing. Robots may reach there in future… But how can that space station communicate/ broadcast the past observations within a moment back to earth? Or it may take another 1000 light years to communicate. Who will see that transmission? Certainly no one would be alive to see that transmission from our present.  

All electromagnetic radiation from radio waves to x-rays travel at the speed of light.

Have we found anything which is super faster than light? By the passage of time we may find… but at the moment we can not claim that it does not exist. It might exist but we have not found it yet.

Objects in Deep Space may transmit our past… 

Couple of decades ago, no one could imagine radio, television, wireless, mobiles and all other communication devices or technologies that we have now, all of them were un-imaginable even un-believable in our near past. But the scientist and researchers have made them possible.

If it is possible that we can capture our past from the deep space as described earlier then there is a possibility that we can captured the data reflecting from deep space objects such as stars, planets and moons etc.

For Example: if we focus a object in a deep space that is 1000 light years away from our planet earth, and capture the signals which were transmitted from earth to that object, it took 1000 light years to reach that object and another 1000 light years to reflect back to earth. If we can read/decode these signals we can know our past of 2000 years. The deeper object you'll focus and capture its reflected signals from earth, the deeper past you can observe.

As we say “Sky has no limits” so there is no limit to look back into our past.  

Can we find a solution to Tele-Portal (transforming) our body with this medium to deep space like 1000 light years away? If yes, than it would be possible to watch our past indeed. 

For you are destined to command the forces of nature and that you can do only on the basis of your True Identity.


Are we Living in Future?

By Nature, we are all time traveler, since every second passes by in our life, taking us into future.

When we look in to the deep sky or galaxies, we are always look back into their past. It is indicating that we are living in future of the universe. It also indicates that the galaxies billions of light years away from us that we are observing now may not be existing anymore at this present and same apply on the universe out of Particle Horizon.

Particle horizon of the observable universe
The particle horizon of the observable universe is the boundary that represents the maximum distance at which events can currently be observed. For events beyond that distance, light has not had time to reach our location, even if it were emitted at the time the universe began. How the particle horizon changes with time depends on the nature of the expansion of the universe. If the expansion has certain characteristics, there are parts of the universe that will never be observable, no matter how long the observer waits for light from those regions to arrive. The boundary past which events cannot ever be observed is an event horizon, and it represents the maximum extent of the particle horizon.

As the ILLUSION of "Relativity" will never let you resolve Zeno's Racecourse Paradox & you will be as helpless as his racer who according to him continues racing for the rest of his life and according to Aristotle can never start the race at all, because in both cases he does not qualify to navigate according to the Universal Positioning System.

And, you dare to talk about, motion, speed, velocity, acceleration, distance, gravitation, time etc., etc., without having the faintest idea of your location on infinity in the universe. Try to find yourself...

How God sees our Present, Past and Future?


This relativity of time clears up a very important matter. Relativity is so variable that a period appearing to us to be billions of years’ in duration may last only a second in another perspective. Moreover, an enormous period of time, extending from the world’s beginning to its end, may not even last a second but just an instant in another dimension.


This is the very essence of the concept of destiny - a concept that is not well understood by most people, especially materialists who deny it completely. Destiny is God’s perfect knowledge of all events past or future. A majority of people question how God can already know events that have not yet been experienced and this leads them to fail to understand

the authenticity of destiny. However, "events not yet experienced" are only so for us. God is not bound by time or space, for He Himself has created them. For this reason, past, future, and present are all the same to God; for Him everything has already taken place and finished.


In The Universe and Dr. Einstein, Lincoln Barnett explains how the Timelessness And The Reality Of Fate Theory of General Relativity leads to this conclusion. According to Barnett, the universe can be "encompassed in its entire majesty only by a cosmic intellect." The will that Barnett calls "the cosmic intellect" is the wisdom and knowledge of God, Who prevails over the entire universe. Just as we can easily see a ruler’s beginning, middle, and end, and all the units in between as a whole, God knows the time we are subject to as if it

were a single moment right from its beginning to its end. People, however, experience incidents only when their time comes and they witness the destiny God has created for them.

It is also important to draw attention to the shallowness of the distorted understanding of destiny prevalent in our society. This distorted belief about fate is a superstition that God has determined a "destiny" for every man, but that people can sometimes change these destinies. For instance, people make superficial statements about a patient who returns

from death’s door, such as "he defeated his destiny." No one is able to change his destiny. The person, who returned from death’s door, didn’t die precisely because he was destined not to die at that time. It is, ironically, the destiny of those people who deceive themselves by saying "I defeated my destiny" that they should say so and maintain such a mindset.

In the verse,

"…no living thing lives long or has its life cut short

without that being in a Book. That is easy for God" (Surah Fatir: 11),


Would you like to travel to the edge of universe? Please follow me to a journey.

Is it small or large? Is it “infinite” or does it “end” somewhere? If so, what is beyond its outer boundary? How long has it been in existence? How it is created?

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