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A complete database driven application which is meant for raising the literacy rate of the people (Students/Professionals) of Pakistan, the main themes of the project are as under:  


There are going to be different levels like matriculation, intermediate, bachelors, post graduation etc. Similarly all the subjects are to be included in the test like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Social Studies, General Knowledge etc. Along with these subjects there are going to be IQ Tests as well. 


A competition will be announced by the administrator every week. A member can appear in the competition whenever it is announced but he/she can take the preparation test as many times he/she wants. The format of the preparation test will be the same as that of real competition but in the preparation the member is going to be provided with the correct answers of the questions after the submission of the test, the time will be same as that of real test. 


Participant’s registration would be database driven, along with their log information. A participant will fill the online form for Free Registration. The National Identity Card Number (NIC#) New Computerized card by NADRA will be treated as the primary key so that a participant should not register twice, if a participant registers again with some fake NIC # he will get no benefit (Awards/ Giftsin this case. Participant’s registration would be database driven, along with their log information, Quiz preparation statistics and Real-time  online Quiz Results and Top Position Holders Rating for each Category and Level.

A participant may also update his/her record as per requirement, may update password and secret questions, may update education level and contact information etc. but cannot update his user name and registration number (NIC#).  


  • A Real Time e-Quiz will have the Count down Timer Feature

  • Each question will have 4 Answers to select one.

  • There will be a database to manage the Questions and Answers, their references and a program to create Test Quiz and real e-Quiz randomly from any selected category with in a specified level.

  • There would be also a control panel to add, remove or edit the new Question along with answers and data entry access rights management system.  


Online e-Quiz will be auto submitted to the system on its Zero Time Count Down, it will be auto proceeded for marking and result with ranking will be generated. Over all result sheet and participants individual result sheet both will be updated.

Results would be ranked according to City Level, District Level, Divisional Level, Prudential Level and Country Level (Country level is going to be included later in this project after the success in Pakistan), also Inter Universities and Gender Levels.


There would be a discussion forum for e-Quiz community for different categories and levels.

The main three parties in this project are:

  • Administrator

  • Moderators

  • Registered members.

The rights of each of them are given as under:  

Administrator Rights

Administrator will have the right to add/remove the member or moderator i.e. administrator has got the right to give or take away the moderator rights to any member. Apart from this administrator can add/remove question submitted by moderator or any member. For this purpose administrator will have a control panel and all the requests are to be submitted in that control panel.

Moderator Rights 

Moderator can add member and add questions as well, but cannot edit the membership of any member i.e. moderator cannot grant any member with the privileges of moderator. Moderator can submit question along with four options out of which one should be the right option and three wrong options, but it is not going to be entered as it is into the database, in fact it will be submitted into the control panel of administrator and then the administrator can submit it into the database. 

Members Rights 

Members can appear in competition and can do online preparation of test as well. Member can update his member ship at any time he wants i.e. he/she can change his/her password, secret question, address , phone number etc. but not user name or registration number because each member has to be registered only once in a life time. Member can also see his/her ranking in the city, province, district, country and along males and females. Members with top three positions are to be awarded with prizes by CCOL, but they have to retain their position at least three times in six months. If any member wants to add any question into the test he can do so by submitting the question along with answer and the reference. If any member has got some problem related to any subject he can submit his problem in the forum and the experts are going to provide him with the solution of the problem.

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