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Music & Dance in Pakistan

National Anthem


Music of Pakistan

The music of Pakistan can be categorized into six general groups: classical, semi-classical, ghazal, folk, qawwali devotional, filmi, pop, rock. These categories overlap considerably, and many artists are able to perform in more than one of the listed genres. It has much in common with Indian music, although it has a regional flavor of its own.

Classical Music Instruments
Sitar, tabla, harmonium, sarod, santur, veena, tanpura etc


Classical Music

In Pakistan the main form of classical music is a performing art, classical music in Pakistan is fast disappearing, however it still forms the basis of most other musical genres (save for pop/rock). Ghazal and qawwali music make use of many musical instruments such as the (sitar, tabla, harmonium, santoor etc). Pakistani folk, filmi and even some pop/rock also hold some classical elements.

Many Pakistani musicians of other genre (particularly ghazal, qawwali and folk musicians) therefore are nonetheless trained in Subcontinent classical, and often belong to a gharana.

One of the most prominent gharanas in Pakistan is the Patiala gharana, to which the great Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, and the brothers Ustad Amanat Ali Khan and Ustad Bade Fateh Ali Khan belong.


Ghazal gayaki
Ghazal is the name of a poetic form, but musically Ghazal gayaki refers to the form of music in which the poem is sung. Ghazal gayaki is often termed semi classical music. Most Ghazal singers are trained in classical music and sing in either Khyal or Thumri. Some of the most famous Pakistani Ghazal singers are Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Farida Khanum, Iqbal Bano, Abida Parveen, Nayyera Noor, Malika Phukhraj and Tahira Syed.

Mehdi Hassan Khan Sahib is considered one of the greatest Ghazal singers of the sub-continent.

Folk & Sofiana Kalam
Each of Pakistan's four provinces has its on variatian of popular folk music. Bhangra is a Punjabi folk dance has become popular all over Pakistan.

Dama Dum Must Kalander Dhamal




One of the most dynamic and popular music of Pakistan is qawwali, which has been internationally popularized by stars like Sabri Brothers, Aziz Mian and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Qawwali, in multiple forms, is widespread throughout Pakistan and Northern India.


Qawwali refers to both the performance and the genre of music. Qawwals typically consist of a lead vocalist, two back-up vocalists and any number of percussionists. Qawwalis are traditionally led by a sheikh and are meant to help the audience realize the mystical ideals of Sufi Islam. Amir Khusrau is said to have invented qawwali in the 13th century; the legendary poet and composer is also said to have invented the tabla and sitar. The idea of music (sama) inspiring an understanding and love for the divine and communication with spiritual guides is known from at least the 9th century. Orthodox Muslims sometimes criticize qawwali for its erotic imagery and sometimes frank sensuality.


Qawwali is similar to Subcontinent's musical genres; it has three components: a rhythm (traditionally played on the dholak), the melodic line of the vocals, and the pitch of the melody which is reinforced on harmonium. Poetic verses are usually mixed with a chorus and instrumental passages. Traditional languages used include Urdu containing much Persian and Arabic, an ancient form of Sanskrit called braj bhasha, as well as Punjabi. The ancient tradition of tarana, a rhythmic series of nonsensical syllables with meaning only to the singers, if anyone, has helped lead a fusion with qawwali and jazz, due to the parallel practice of scat singing. Qawwali fusion with filmi and Western pop music have achieved some popularity, with attendant criticism from purists for allegedly watering down the sacred sound of qawwali. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Aziz Mian Sabri Brothers and Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali Group have become especially popular, especially after Nusrat's collaborations with Michael Brook (a Canadian producer), resulting in the unexpected hit of "Mustt Mustt", remixed by Massive Attack and popularized by its use in a Coca-Cola television commercial. Those who have seen Hollywood flicks Last Temptation of Christ, Natural Born Killer, Dead Man Walking should be fimilar with Nusrat's compositions.

Musical instruments

Folk: Chimta,dhol,dholak,ek tara,etc

Pakistani Dances

Kafir Kalash (NWFP): Kalash Dance

Ho Jamalo


Balochistan: Lewa



Punjab: Sammi


Punjab: Bhangra


Punjab: Gidda


Punjab: Ludi


Punjab: Jugni


NWFP: Khattak Dance

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