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Nishan-e-Haider نشان حیدر

Major Mohammad Akram Shaheed   میجرمحمد اکرم شہید

Major Mohammad Akram ShaheedMuhammad Akram (1938 – 1971) was born in Dinga Village, District of Gujrat, Punjab, while he belonged to the village of Nakka Kalan in the district of Jhelum. He belonged to Awan tribe Pakistan, Urdu: محمد اکرم) was a major of the Pakistan Army, commissioned in 1963 as part of the Frontier Force Regiment. In the Battle of Hilli for his leadership, bravery and eventually, rendering the ultimate sacrifice, Major Akram was awarded the Nishan-e-Haider.

During the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, the 4th FF Regiment, which Akram commanded, were placed in the forward area of the Hilli district, in East Pakistan. The regiment came under continuous and heavy air, artillery and armour attacks from the Indian Army. For an entire fortnight, despite enemy superiority in both numbers and fire power, Akram and his men repulsed every attack, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. Akram died during this battle.

Major General Khadim Hussain, General Officer Commanding, offering fateha at the Grave of Major Muhammad Akram ShaheedHe belonged to the village of Nakka Kalan in the district of Jhelum and his monument Major Akram Shaheed Memorial is constructed in the midst of Jhelum city. He was buried in village Boldar in Bengal. He is called hero of Hilli. Anjum Sultan Shahbaz famous writer and historian has mentioned him in the book Tareekh-e-Jhelum and Shohdai Jhelum. Akram was posthumously awarded the Nishan-e-Haider, Pakistan's highest military award.
Major Muhammad Akram embraced martyrdom during this epic battle on 5 December 1971


Recipients of Nishan-e-Haider نشان حیدر  in Pakistan

  • Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed  (1910–July 27, 1948), 6/8 Punjab

  • Major Muhammad Tufail Shaheed  (1914–August 7, 1958), 1 Battlion East Pakistan Rifles

  • Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed  (1928–September 10, 1965), 17 Punjab

  • Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed  (1938–1971), 4 FF

  • Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed  (1951–August 20, 1971), PAF Training Squadron

  • Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed  (1943–December 6, 1971), 6 FF

  • Sawar Muhammad Hussain Shaheed  (1949–December 10, 1971), 20 Lancers

  • Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed  (1944–December 17, 1971), 15 Punjab

  • Captain Karnal Sher Khan Shaheed  (1970–July 5, 1999), 12 NLI

  • Havaildar Lalak Jan Shaheed  (1967–July 7, 1999), 12 NLI.

  • Naik Saif Ali Janjua Shaheed (25 April 1922 ,26th April 1948) . He was awarded Hilal-e-Kashmir, by the government of Azad Kashmir in the 1948 War. This award has since been made the equivalent of the Nishan-e-Haider and is considered as one.

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