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Physical Infrastructure
[Air Transport]

Karachi Port:


 Fish Harbour cum-Mini Port

The communities living along the coastal areas of the country are among the most deprived ones. To help them properly share economic benefits with the rest of the country the Government decided to develop a Fish Harbour-cum-Mini Port at Keti Bunder. This Mini Port which will be developed in first phase at an estimated cost of Rs. 1 billion, will provide employment opportunities to the people of the coastal areas of Sindh. The pre-feasibility study has been completed by a local firm M/s. Techno Consultants in association with NESPAK at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.9 million. The study has been forwarded to the Governments of Japan and South Korea for financing this Project. Their initial interest is very encouraging.

Gwadar Port

The Government set up a Committee to formulate recommendations for the development of a new deep-sea port on the coastal areas of Balochistan. The project on a deep-sea water port at Gwadar envisages investment of US $ 700 to 800 million. The Government has as part of this project planned construction of coastal road from Karachi to Gwadar linking up vast areas of Balochistan.


Karachi Port

Karachi Port is the hub of Pakistan's entire economic activities as 98 per cent of the entire foreign trade is conducted through this port. As such Karachi Port is being modernized at a total cost of Rs. 5 billion including World Bank loan of US $ 91.4 million. The Government has increased emphasis on an early completion of the entire scheme. As a result the following projects have already become functional:-

(i) OP-V:- OP-V has been constructed at a cost of Rs. 510 million with an annual handling capacity of 6 to 8 million tons liquid cargo. The project has been in operation since April, 1994.

(ii) Circular Road:- To solve the problem of traffic congestion around Port area and central city areas of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, the Government has given go ahead signal for construction of a Circular Road comprising Southern By-pass, Jinnah Bridge (Phase-II) and Northern By-pass at an estimated cost of Rs. 1353 million. The first phase of the project has been completed in December, 1997.

(iii) Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Berths No.5-10:- To enable Karachi Port to handle increasing volume of cargo, the Government has directed to reconstruct/rehabilitate the Berths No. 5-10 at an estimated cost of US $ 60 million within the next 2 years.

(iv) Container Terminals.- In order to modernize cargo handling at Karachi Port, the Government has directed KPT to set up another Container Terminal at West Wharf (Berths NO.22-24) through private sector at an estimated cost of US $ 75 million.


Port Qasim

Port Qasim is the second most important deep-sea port for handling Pakistan's foreign trade. It needs a great deal of improvement to reduce pressure on the Karachi Port. It has been especially designed to handle bulk cargo so far. Following projects are in hand to provide better facilities at the Port:-

(i) Oil Terminal: To meet the higher import volume of crude oil for meeting the requirement of energy sector in the country the Government authorized M/s. Fauji Oil Terminal and Distribution co. (FOTCO), to setup an Oil Terminal at Port Qasim with handling capacity of 9 million. The project will be completed by the end of December, 1994.

(ii) Container Terminal: A reputed foreign firm is at an advanced stage of negotiation for setting up a most modern Container Terminal at Port Qasim with an investment of US $ 75 million. The proposed project will be commissioned within next 18 months.


Revitalization of Shipping Sector

Out of total annual trade of 30 million tons, which is growing at 10 per cent per annum, only 7 per cent cargo is transported by National ships. The Government has decided to upgrade the national fleet which was old and largely unserviceable. The Government has allocated US $ 100 million for the acquisition of eight modern ships in two phases to PNSC. NTC has also been authorized to acquire a Crude Oil Tanker at a cost of US $ 32 million. With this single measure the maritime sector has been given a shot in the arm. It will henceforth handle as much as 25 per cent cargo by the year 1996. Some facilities have been given to private sector companies to help them purchase more ships.

Shipping Sector

The shipping sector in Pakistan is in its infancy at the present moment. With no sufficient amount of capital invested into the shipping sector, the entire fleet of the nation is left to only 24 ships, 17 of which are held by Pakistan National Shipping Corporation. The rest are owned by Tri-Star Shipping Corporation and a few other shipping lines.

The country has two major seaports viz. Karachi and Bin Qasim. Besides, Gwadar Fish Harbour cum Mini Port has been substantially completed. Feasibility Study to develop Keti Bunder as a Fish Harbour cum Mini Port is currently under process.

All the ports and the shipping lines are not sufficient to meet the growing demands of Pakistan and other countries and regions that these countries cater to. Regions include Kashmir, Western China, Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics like Kazakhstan, Uzbeksitan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

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