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Important Information of Capital Development Authority (CDA) Islamabad!

Latest Status of Housing Schemes in Islamabad By CDA   

» CDA Plot Sizes
» Procedure for transfer of plot/house
» Procedure if someone wants to transfer property to his family members through gift
» Documents required for transfer of plot to the legal heirs of the dead Allottee
» Procedure for change of title through sale deed
» Documents required for issuance of C.T.C. of allotment letter, if lost
» Requirements for approval of building plans.
» Requirements for issuance of completion certificate and process to apply
» Documents required for permission to mortgage property in favor of HBFC/any bank
» Documents required for Birth Certificate
» Documents required for Death Certificate
» Documents required for transfer of Plot/Property
» Requirements for Change of Trade
» Documents required for Possession of Plot
» Documents required for Court Decision
» Transfer Fees for Residential Plots
» Transfer Fees for Commercial Plots
» Un-metered Water Supply (Flat Rates) for Private Residences
» Water Connection formalities of Water Meter Division
» Steps for providing water connections

Sample Forms

» Transfer Form: Application for the Transfer of Allotment of Plot
» Form A-1:
Approval of Building Plan
» Form A-2:
Licensed Architect/ Engineer's Certificate
» Form A-3:
Application for Water Connection
» Form B-1:
Notice of Completion
» Form B-2:
Licensed Architect/Engineer's Certificate
» Form C-1:
Works Carried out without Permission
» Form C-2:
Licensed Architect/Engineer's Certificate
» Form D:
Verification of Building Lines
» Grant of License:
Application for grant of License/Sanction/Permission
» Birth Certificate:
Application for Birth Registration
» Death Certificate:
Application for Death Registration
» Burial Certificate:
Application for Burial


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